Experienced local gardener, specialising in residential and holiday house lawn & garden maintenance, restoration of neglected gardens, planning and design of new gardens, general handyman services, yard clean-ups and high pressure cleaning.

With over 25 years gardening experience and a trusted reputation within the local community, Paul can assist you in achieving your garden needs.

Call 0438 659 240 for a no obligation, free estimate.


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  1. Hi mate. Have seen a few of your posts on other sites mainly related to Mulchmaster 560. I’ve experienced the same issues with gearboxes – like every one else. Victa constantly changing them does not help. Yesterday changed out the third box with the square type GT MC 700. Purchased from All Mower Spares for $199.00.[ CH86814A]. Only issue was finding a a return spring for the engagement lever. Bunnings have them Century C- 33. IT fitted well and managed to utilise the steel base just by removing 50 mm of the arm. In place it prevents the rocking motion as the bail is engaged. Drive belts last purchased were Gates PowerRated Industry number 6736. Victa’s number for them is CH85666A. Purchased three on Amazon and they last very well.I’m not a professional so don’t use the Lawn sites. A number of your posts have helped me out so just returning the favor. Other than the gearbox I’m a 560 fan as well.Maybe Toro 22298 next time.If you need anymore info sing out.0458 168 342. Thanks again for your posts.

  2. Thanks Pat, l mostly love my mulchmasters but yes, the gearboxes are a drama….they seem to be the weakest link in all s/p mowers regardless of brand

  3. Hello, I have found you via a reply you sent to someone on another forum.
    You said at that time that you had a Greenfield mower manual that you could email to that person.
    Have you had to do much repair work on a Greenfield?.
    I have an “Evolution MK3” mower which has developed a problem.
    The cuter has stopped working as one of the (back) pulleys seems to be just “floating in the breeze” and not doing anything.
    Any suggestions/help/advice would be most welcome, as none of the mower mechanics in the Bathurst area will even look at it before the New Year,-“some time”!.
    Peter Cunningham.

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